Mission Statement


Playmates aim to provide a high quality service to our children and their families.  We work with them as our partners, as well as external organisations and the local community ensuring our provision delivers the best possible care, access and inclusion.  By working together we will provide an excellent childcare service that children will look forward to attending.

We offer a large variety of activities and play opportunities for children to learn through play and social interaction.  We have high expectations of all children and draw on our subject knowledge, parental information and industry experience to engage, challenge and inspire every child.

Playmates endeavour to support children through transitions in a calm and effective manner.  We understand that attending Playmates may be the first time a child has left their main carer, which can be upsetting for both the child and the carer.  Children might not be used to social engagement or peer interaction especially when joining a large group.  Children may also feel worried about leaving our setting when they progress onto school.  Changes to routine can be a time of excitement as we look forward to new discoveries but they can also unsettle children and be an emotional time for families.

At Playmates we will always listen, plan for and nurture every child as we build positive and trusting relationships.  All children will have a voice and be valued for who they are.  Over time staff will introduce new and exciting experiences that will help children develop transferable skills which they can use as they progress onto new adventures and independency.

Our intention is to engage with and support pre-school children in our local area.  We will help prepare children for school and have an open and successful dialogue with local primary schools and Barnsley Early Start and Family Services.  We draw on their expertise and support methods to ensure our children receive a solid and secure starting point on their path to success.



Brierley Playmates Pre-school Nursery, Brierley Community Pavilion, (off Holgate View), Brierley Park, Brierley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 9HN.
Reg. Charity # 1036606 - Ofsted URN:302824